Sunday, 15 October 2017


 Hello to all my followers , and thank you so much for the lovely comments from last week.

 Well we have worked in the garden all day today and I am so ready for a cup of tea and to put my feet up .
We have a hurricane coming in tomorrow so I needed to do more cutting back in the garden and put a few more bulbs in .
The weather is so mild at the moment and we still have lots of butterflies dancing around the garden, so I have left a few flowering plants in. I even saw a humming bird moth yesterday , now I have not seen one of these for a few years. 
I have two beautiful doves come to feed at 3.30 most days and my little robin and little wren have been playing in the garden .
All the black birds are back too they were missing for a couple of months. 

My hubby had another birthday , we are not going to say numbers any more ! just go with it at the moment we are still fit just hope it lasts . My ham string injury is better now just the odd little pain .
I must be better I climbed on top of the wall to cut back my plants today. 
We have been out a few times this week and went to a lovely Cheese and wine event the over night that was fun.

I have another finish to show you and a couple of projects I have finished stitching.
So here we go .
The finish first , this is my Autumn pin cushion .

                             Another lovely chart by Dany.

                  Naughty squirrel he just found an acorn.

                       Stitched on a cream 28 ct threads assortment from my box .          

                 Almost finished just a few stitches more .
                 LHN "Needle Lady Pocket "
The colour of the material is more like the top one I used again various threads .  

               All done, ready to make into a needle book.

I will make some Christmas hearts from these , Mini makes from CS Crazy mag .
         I picked a few more flowers from the garden.

And a few more left in the garden.

Won't be long to say good bye to the flowers .
Have a lovely week all .

Sunday, 8 October 2017


Hello everyone on this nice sunny Autumn day .
I have made the best of this lovely weather and I have planted some bulbs ,  and cut lots of plants back. 

All my washing is done but still some ironing to do after the holiday .

I went into town this week and they already have lots of Christmas things for sale , I really don't want any more decorations unless I see something that pulls on my heart strings then I will be buying .
My Christmas colours are changing a little I like pinks silver and soft blues more now  in the lounge , and plum in the kitchen .
Reds now go in the conservatory and porch and hallway .
I may keep it simple again this year but then I may go mad ! I will have to see how my time go's I already have a full calendar for October .

Well I have had time to stitch this week and I have a finish from last years stitching.
So here's what I have been stitching  .

Just a little more stitching to add .
Bonne Annee or Happy New Year.
By our lovely Dany from 2014 chart.
And now a finish from last years stitching 
By Cuore Battiecuore .
From part of her Autumn design.

You can see here the backing Material .
Stitched on 28ct using DMC threads

                         Added a few leaves from material .

This has been lying in my box far to long .
I really need to finish all my stitching , maybe I will set a new goal for myself.
I must get a few Autumn bits out this week ,like this one.

Two little mice sitting in a leaf how cute is this.
Not sure if I showed you this plate I brought ,  I love little children ones,  takes me back in time.

What lovely words .
I also brought this flowering can in the sale for a couple of £s .
Look's great don't you think.

 And I  cut a few fresh flowers to bring inside.
After we had our first frost this week.

Thank you for your lovely comments .
I do love to read everyone of them.
So thats all for this week . will leave you with the last of the flowers in the garden .

Sunday, 1 October 2017


 Hi friends ,
We are back from a late summer holiday .
It feels so cold after being in the sun.
I have been busy and washing and ironing  and packing away.
We had a great time met so many new friends and caught up with old friends , now we are all relaxed we are ready for the Autumn and Winter.
I now need to start stitching some Christmas stitching .
I will pack away some of my WIPs for later but may work on one or two of them .
My PC needs a little work on it so will get that sorted this week.
I can't seem to read my emails or send them a few have gone but not all, when this is done I will catch up with you all.
So a big sorry until I get this sorted.
I have not stitched for a few weeks and can't wait to get back to it .
I did stitch on one of my WIPs the week before we were away , so will show you .

So many colour changes on this one.
Sarah Kay exclusive DMC.
From World of Cross Stitching mag.
Well better go and do more ironing DH is outside pulling out the bedding plants.
I will leave you with a couple of photos from where we stayed.

Many of the shops here are under ground .

Coming back on the plane we hit 95mph winds so yes a bit bumpy.
Well I can't leave you with out a couple of flowers now can I.

I will get back to you all soon once I am up and running with my emails , have a fun week . Can't wait to get my needle in my hand , so must get some Christmas stitching going , see you next week.

Sunday, 10 September 2017


Hello friends, 
Once again many thanks for your comments and your caring kind words about my pain , well it did go but if I over do it it comes right back , so now I am being very careful , today is pain free .
Well whats up with the weather ! many parts of the world are having many problems and I am praying for you all. 
Here you can tell Autumn is here it's wet windy and cooler and I can see a few trees turning colour already .
I am really not ready for winter yet so hope we still get a few nice days this Autumn.
This year as past by quicker than ever.
Well what have I been up to this week , not allot really.
I did buy three new plants for the garden , had coffee in town with a friend , out to lunch with hubby , made a felt pin cushion at club and split my sides with laughing with my friends trying to make these oh what fun we had , they came out all different sizes.
I did a little more stitching on my WIPs but spent more time frogging ha talking about frogs I was digging an hole for my plants and a naughty frog jumped in it and would not go , so I know he does not like me to take photos, ( he's shy ) by the time I got my camera yes he had gone.
Well lets show some pictures first up one new WIP .

This one has been in my pile for a very long time at last it's seen daylight.  So I have made a start.

                   LOVE and JOY by Lorri Birmingham 
using 28ct Natural fabric banding. 

                           The next one you have seen before many moons ago , so this one also sees the light and just a few more stitches it will be finished .
Love LHN , they are always lovely to stitch .

  Stitched on a cream 28ct, looks white but it is cream.

I really wanted to finish the one below but didn't have time this week , maybe next time.
this is one of the lovely Dany's charts I changed the wording to Summer. I have a few ideas for the finish .

My pin cushion that we were all in fits of laughter about.

 A few flowers still hanging on but almost time to say goodbye.

Well that's it from me .
Have a good new week .
And for all my overseas friends stay safe .
Be back soon.

Saturday, 2 September 2017


Hello to all my friends ,
Thank you for everyone who wished me well.
It's been a hard week for me with the pain I have been in this week. Sitting down was the worst so I have spent most of this week standing up or lying flat. But the last few days I am slowly getting there , but not fully healed yet 
I have done a little stitching and some before I was in pain .
So will show you in a moment .
Well didn't the summer go fast this year everyone is saying how fast it went , can't believe we have moved into Autumn , but you can tell there is a change in the air.
We had a couple of nice days this week and I saw some lovely butterflies in the garden. 
So here we go first a little gift I sent to our friend Andrea every year she stitches and sends friends little gifts she has such a big heart  , and it was on my to do list I must send her a little gift sometime this year .
So here is what I stitched for her .
 I know it was by Lizzy Kate but I packed the chart away and can't find it , that's me all over just too many charts and if I don't keep them together they get lost in chart land ha.

I stitched it some weeks ago but didn't know how I would like to finish it. But then I found some new calendars and thought yes this would be handy so here we are.
It was very enjoyable stitch .
So now my WIPs I am so into these now every Saturday I get a couple out from the box and this is what I stitch on this week.

                         This is the other part of the stitching set .

 Here we are if you forgot.

Last time 

 This time.

Still lots to do on this one.
Last Sunday we went to the Classic motor show but after 4 hours I was in real pain and had to come home it was boiling hot.

Well sorry I am not walking in the garden with you today but I did take a few photos early this morning.

And still the roses bloom .

The garden is still in flower .
But you can see flowers are now burning out.
Well my sweet friends have a wonderful week .
Thank you all .